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Colorado Java is a mobile coffee catering service providing specialty coffee and breakfast items on the go in and around the Denver Metro area. We provide both outdoor and indoor coffee catering. We have a full espresso bar – able to furnish any coffee drink both traditional and modern, that a full-sized café can serve, while offering non-coffee drinks such as hot chocolate, frozen smoothies, Italian sodas and a variety of teas.

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Colorado Java is a mobile coffee trailer that can bring the joy of a custom coffee shop to your office or your event.

We will travel to your location and make every drink to order. We can easily cater to a group of 40 or 400!

We also have other delectable beverage offerings that we can serve in combination with the espresso bar! This is the perfect solution for a reception, party, conference break, or celebration of any kind.





We believe in personal, customized attention for every customer and your satisfaction is our goal.  Our roaster has been in business for over 3 decades and provide a freshly roasted and custom coffee blend that was made specifically for you, the Colorado Java customer.


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Our mobile coffee trailer is unique and the menu is easily customizable for any event.  This unique experience will create special memories.  Remember, a cup of coffee shared with friends is happiness tasted and time well spent.



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